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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

CSP close up The Concentrated Solar Power system uses a solar dish designed to track the sun’s path. The dish moves continually throughout the day to be in the most optimal position to collect the sun’s rays.


Mirrors located across the face of the solar dish reflect sunlight back to a focal poinCSP systemt where temperatures can reach 700 degrees F. (371degrees C). A food-grade glycol is pumped through the focal point and returned to a water tank equipped with a heat exchanger at 220 degrees F. / 104 degrees C. The solar heated water is then distributed throughout the building by pumping the hot water through radiators with fans to produce the required hot air to heat the area. The cold water returns to the water tank to be re-heated and re-used.


An important aspect of the CSP system is the daily ‘east to west’ movement of the dish to achieve maximum collection of the sun’s rays. There are two diversions in the system which causes the solar dish to move into a horizontal position CSP collection tanks- if the wind monitor registers 40 miles per hour or if the liquid in the holding tank reaches 240 degrees F. /115 degrees C.


The CSP system is both recyclable friendly and Canada friendly, with 60 % of the steel parts made from recycled steel, and 80% of the system’s parts being Canadian made. This system exemplifies the use of solar technology to efficiently and economically meet the day-to-day needs of Canadian homes, farms and industries, while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental damage.


The “world energy outlook” has estimated photovoltaic and concentrated thermal systems will increase, 60 times by the year 2030. This new Ontario Concentrated Solar Power system will play a significant role in helping the world achieve this worthy goal.